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The Basics of Troubleshooting Android Phones

Basic Android Troubleshooting

Basic Android Troubleshooting

All of us have to know slightly about Primary Android Troubleshooting. If any engineer/programmer got here up with a perfect telephone, who might put a worth on that? It’s somewhat like finding the fountain of youth, or anything good on this world. It simply doesn’t exist. We and the phones we make are imperfect—topic to the legal guidelines of entropy that dictate a gradual decline into disorder.

Fortunately, we humans can drawback remedy. But not all problems are intuitive. There are some widespread options to attempt, nevertheless, and sure info you can acquire that may enormously help you in finding the solutions. This can be a information that will help you discover options and implement them as simply as attainable.

Disclaimer: This information is about selling totally different fixes for widespread problems with Android units, however it can’t guarantee that each sort of fix will work with any telephone. Subsequently, it’s greatest to read rigorously and see which of them apply to your system.


Drawback 1 – The right way to Improve Gadget Connectivity

It gets lonely when your telephone is out on an island by itself, unable to speak with Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or any network. And in our connection-driven society, it could cause massive issues. Listed here are some primary fixes that may provide help to get out of your drawback.

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode

    Enable, then disable Airplane Mode.

    Airplane Mode Reset

    Reset Airplane Mode

  2. Add Connection Again

    Arrange your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection again.

    Reset Wifi

    Reset Your Connection and add it again

  3. Restart Function or System

    Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Knowledge off and back on again. Doing the identical together with your system can work wonders.

    Reset Your Wifi/Bluetooth

    Reset Your Wifi/Bluetooth

  4. Scrutinize Settings

    LTE/GSM is often on by default, however turning it off might assist increase your signal in some instances.

  5. Update

    Guarantee you might have the newest replace on your telephone. This largely will depend on your service.

  6. Come Nearer to the Supply

    wifi signal

    If the signal indicator affirms a weak connection, it might be resulting from different gadgets blocking it or to distance. For instance, in case you are next to a tall constructing or in a basement, you may have to relocate.

    Also, you might be too distant from the service tower. Move your gadget closer to the router. It’s potential for different units can even create interference, so transfer another home equipment away.

Drawback 2 – Tips on how to Enhance Battery Life

This is something virtually each Android consumer runs into a minimum of now and again. Hopefully, you’re somewhere you’ll be able to load up on more juice, however this drawback doesn’t solely happen when it might be most convenient. That’s why a discussion on tips on how to save battery life is a should relating to the fundamentals of troubleshooting Android phones.

There are lots of the reason why a battery drain can happen. However it is good to detect it in time and figure a approach to remedy the problem earlier than it’s too late.

Must Learn: Greatest Battery Life Android Phones

  1. Go to the Source

    Almost every Android has a Battery section in Settings that will provide you with a breakdown of what’s consuming probably the most assets. If there’s anything pointless consuming your battery, eliminate it.

    battery drain

    Discover out what app drains your battery

  2. Disable Connections

    In case you aren’t using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS, flip them off.

  3. Change Settings

    You’ll be able to take particular person steps, like decreasing the brightness of your display and limiting automated syncing, or you’ll be able to rely on Battery or Power Saving Mode to do it for you.

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    improve batery life

    Adapt Your Utilization to Save Battery

  4. Examine Charging Circumstances

    Does your telephone have a broken or bent port? Does the charger fit too loosely? Have you tried a unique charger? A special outlet?

    A black mobile phone battery charger with black usb cable

    Examine Your Charger for Defects

  5. Enlist Battery Saving Apps

    Not all apps work towards your battery. Some are right here to help. For this, we’d advocate the Greenify App, it’s a reasonably common selection and has nice evaluations.

    Greenify logo

    App Emblem

    Google Play

Drawback 3 – Easy methods to Repair Issues with Android Apps

Widespread problems with Android apps embrace crashing, freezing, or malfunctioning. Some apps can even trigger conflicts with one another.

  1. Reboot Gadget

    This advice is used so much it’s the punchline of a joke, however it does work.

    Reboot Your Device

    Reboot Your Gadget

  2. Replace the Apps

    Ensure you download the newest model of any app and maintain it updated.

  3. Use Pressure Cease & Restart

    In case your app is frozen, go to Settings > Apps, select the app, and tap Pressure Stop. Even when it isn’t frozen, “rebooting” your app could be just as helpful as rebooting your telephone.

    Force the App to Stop

    Drive the App to Stop

  4. Signal Out & Again In

    Logging out and back in may also help the app refresh knowledge.

    sign out

  5. Slender it Down

    To determine which app it could possibly be (or if this is the problem at all) attempt going into Protected Mode. Protected Mode solely makes use of those apps that include your telephone with out loading any of the third-party software that could possibly be causing the difficulty. The tactic by which you enter, Protected Mode can differ by gadget.

    If you do not expertise the identical drawback in Protected Mode, attempt uninstalling any third-party app, one-at-a-time, that you simply assume could be the wrongdoer. If the telephone nonetheless misbehaves in Protected Mode, your drawback might be associated to the hardware or a corrupted OS, which may be harder to repair on your own.

    safe mode

  6. Clear App Knowledge &/or Cache

    If the problem appears to be with one software and that software alone, attempt clearing the cache and app knowledge of that app first. From Apps, go to Settings, then Apps once more. From the All tab, select the app. Choose Clear Knowledge or Clear Cache.

  7. Examine App Settings

    Be sure that the issue you’re experiencing can’t be solved with a simple change in settings. Explore your app’s settings simply be sure.

    apex settings

    Examine Setting

Drawback four – The right way to Fix a Sluggish Interface and Memory Issues

Regardless that reminiscence issues are likely to influence older Android extra steadily, you might also find yourself dealing with this challenge in case you are a heavy consumer or simply wish to store plenty of media instantly on your telephone.

When you’ve got a ton of apps or photographs, you possibly can run into this on newer phones too. No guide on troubleshooting the fundamentals of Android phones can be complete with out addressing slowness or performance issues.

  1. Outsource Your Storage

    Store your photographs on another person’s server (within the Cloud) or on the SD card for those who can. Providers like Dropbox or Google Drive can assist. You’ll be able to routinely backup to Google Photographs by going to Settings > Backup & Sync; you possibly can go to Accounts and enable Auto Sync.

  2. Delete What You Don’t Use

    Not only do photographs and apps occupy digital area, however contemplate your music and videos additionally.

  3. Backup & Restore

    There are apps that may aid you—top-of-the-line is Titanium Backup – Free, but your telephone have to be rooted.

    Titanium Backup Logo

    Titanium Backup Emblem

    Google Play

    In case your telephone isn’t rooted, you need to attempt Helium – App Sync and Backup – Free.

    Helium App Logo

    Helium App Emblem

    Google Play

    If you want to know more about back-in up your telephone we advocate you learn our article “Android Backup: Backing up & Sync Your Telephone“.

  4. Shut Apps

    Guarantee you’re closing your apps if you end up finished with them; not just returning to the Residence Display while the app continues to be open and operating within the background.

  5. Scale back Animation Transitions

    This gained’t assist your memory, however it could actually make your telephone appear quicker. Acquire developer status by visiting Settings > About Telephone and faucet on Build Quantity approximately seven occasions. Go back to Settings and a brand new selection should seem—Developer Options.

    Faucet on it, scroll down and scale back the Window Transition Animation Scale and Animator Period to .05x. You possibly can take away the settings altogether, but motion on your telephone might not appear to movement as properly, and your consumer expertise might endure.

    transition animation

    Modify Transitions

  6. Tender Reset

    More often than not a delicate reset will cause your telephone to snap out of its stupor. Long-press the Energy key for about 10-15 seconds.

    power off

  7. Clear Cache

    You can start out by clearing the cache for any individual apps which might be supplying you with issues. Go to your App Manager, select the app, and faucet the Clear Cache choice. If this doesn’t suffice, you possibly can wipe the whole system’s cache partition.

  8. Arduous Reset

    If that doesn’t reduce it, contemplate performing a tough reset. This wipes knowledge so that you may need to backup what you want to save!

    factory reset2

    Again-up earlier than Manufacturing unit Reset

Drawback 5 – The right way to Improve Network Sign

When you have hassle texting, calling, or otherwise utilizing your telephone for duties even a dumb telephone can deal with, look no further. In case you need help with a selected telephone, take a look at some of our other articles.

  1. Relocate if Needed

    When you don’t have an enough sign (2-Three bars), attempt a special space.

  2. Examine Knowledge Plan Settings

    Certain service plans can implement limits or restrictions on who or how a lot you’ll be able to text if it was set up that approach.

  3. Resend, Attempt Again or Restart

    For a nasty connection, attempt calling the other individual back. Send your text again. Or reboot your telephone.

    phone number

    Attempt Calling Once more

  4. Examine Quantity

    Attempt using the complete 11-digit telephone quantity, together with the prefix 1 and space code.

  5. Clear Your Speaker

    Use compressed air to take away anything from the speaker that doesn’t belong.

  6. Turn on Cellular Knowledge

    Image and video information can get quite hefty to send, and sometimes require using cellular knowledge.

    Enable Mobile Data

    Enable Cellular Knowledge

Drawback 6 – Easy methods to Repair a Telephone that Gained’t Energy On or is Frozen

A tender reset often solves a number of issues, however what to do when you possibly can’t even do this? Moreover, eradicating the battery might be very helpful, however what when you don’t have a removable battery? We’ll take you through some fundamentals of troubleshooting unresponsive Android telephones.

  1. Attempt Protected Mode

    To find out which app, it could possibly be (or if this is the problem at all) attempt going into Protected Mode. Protected Mode solely makes use of these apps that include your telephone with out loading any of the third-party software that could possibly be inflicting the difficulty.

    The tactic by which you enter, Protected Mode can differ by gadget. If you don’t expertise the same drawback in Protected Mode, attempt uninstalling any third-party app, one-at-a-time, that you simply assume may be the wrongdoer. If the telephone still misbehaves in Protected Mode, your drawback could possibly be associated to the hardware or a corrupted OS, which may be harder to fix on your own.

  2. Cost Battery

    For those who see the empty battery symbol once you try to flip the gadget on, it’s time for a charge.


    Make sure that your battery is charged

  3. Perform a Manufacturing unit Reset

    It’s easiest to do that from the Settings menu, however in case you can’t access that you will have to use Restoration Mode as an alternative. This wipes your telephone like it just got here out of the field. If you want to know more concerning the manufacturing unit reset, we advocate you learn our article “Learn how to Manufacturing unit Reset and Start Over”.

    factory reset3

    Make certain to back-up your knowledge earlier than

  4. Restore Firmware

    This entails connecting your telephone to your pc using the right drivers, going into Obtain Mode, and flashing the inventory firmware on your specific make and mannequin. For Samsungs, this is greatest completed via Odin. For HTCs, Google your telephone + ROM upgrade utility, and for LGs, use LG PC Suite.

    Download: Odin

    Obtain: LG PC Suite

Drawback 7 – Methods to Unlock a Blocked Android Gadget

Somebody might try to unlock your telephone too many occasions utilizing the mistaken PIN, password, or sample, and typically that someone is you. Right here’s how you can nonetheless unlock it.

  1. Use Forgot Password Button

    Enter the Gmail ID and password for the Gmail account you used to arrange your telephone. You will need to have Web access.

    password recovery

    After too many attempts, you’ll be asked when you forgot your password

  2. Unlock Utilizing Google Find My Gadget

    This does should be enabled beforehand. You possibly can achieve access to its web site by going by way of your Google Account. You may also use the Google Discover My System app.

    Google find my device logo

    App Emblem

    Google Play

  3. Manufacturing unit Reset

    You’ll have to enter Restoration Mode or the bootloader, then choose the option to manufacturing unit reset your Android.

    factory reset

    Make sure you back-up your telephone earlier than performing a manufacturing unit reset

  4. Use a Third Get together App to Keep in mind Your Password

    Even if it can’t enable you to keep in mind your lock display password, a password supervisor is sort of helpful for remembering knowledge for all the opposite accounts that it’s a must to manage and keep in mind knowledge for. For this, we’d wish to advocate RoboForm Password Supervisor, a free app obtainable on Google Play Store.

    RoboForm Logo

    App Emblem

    Google Play

Assist Others to Assist You

Here at JOA, we get a whole lot of feedback like this—” I can’t turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Hotspot. How can I fix it?” Connectivity problems like these are quite common. Whereas it’s potential that the answer can range by yr/make/mannequin/model, we will typically take the same strategy for many Androids.

Additionally, we will additionally begin out with the most typical, easy solutions before we must resort to extra drastic, challenging measures. If the overall primary answer does not work in your system, or you’ve got an unusual drawback, there are methods you possibly can body your questions that may yield better results. This info is helpful in case you are posting your question in a discussion board or the feedback part.

Talk about any solutions you’ve gotten already tried. Embrace the model of your Android, which might be discovered by means of Settings > About Telephone or About System. Android’s make/model identify is imperative. If your telephone was working nice earlier than, and abruptly it’s not, something changed. It won’t be a change you initiated, but if it was, that is also very helpful info to those making an attempt that will help you.

The change could be an motion that you simply assume is unrelated, however most issues boil down to 2 things—an app is misbehaving, or your operating system is. So, when you have downloaded any new apps, or you have got up to date your OS, it’s value mentioning. For that matter, any modifications to your telephone might be relevant. You may assume that your brand new case has nothing to do together with your display problems, nevertheless it’s greatest to go away every risk on the desk, to begin with.

Primary Troubleshooting – Fix Your System Easily

All problems with Android units are tiresome. And these are simply a few of the widespread ones. But we publish primary troubleshooting articles for specific Android makes and fashions all the time, so it’s also possible to do a search or maintain an eye fixed in your gadget.

Also, the options described can range by sort of gadget, so if the small print for the tactic aren’t listed, carry out a search on our website. Or if they don’t appear to match your Android, search the tactic and your make/mannequin and you’ll in all probability discover instructions on JOA.

Do you’ve got primary troubleshooting recommendation? Send us your thoughts and experiences within the feedback down under!